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bluetooth sunglasses

  • bluetooth sunglasses A6-18
bluetooth sunglasses A6-18

bluetooth sunglasses A6-18

  • smart sunglasses
  • speakers sunglasses
  • MOQ:20 pairs
  • price:40USD
  • Product description: OPEN EAR SPEAKER: Bluetooth Sunglasses with Open Ear Speaker System-glasses with speakers. Allows You to Listen to Your Favorite Music and Everything around you.

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Hardware bluetrum Low power chip(BT8892B)+Audio amplifier ADI2301+LED+Broadband Silicon microphoner+Single Touch
power consumption 15mA
Button Press operation function button, automatic stop when remove the glasses upside down
battery 100mA/H With battery protection plate,play music continuous operation 4Hour or more, lead welding
speaker Φ8  0.8W~1.2Wlead welding
Microphone Broadband Silicon microphoner
indicator light red,blue light 0603
antenna Patch ceramic antenna,effective range10meter
Charger 2PIN Magnetic suction charging, charging automatically power off, remove charging auto-power on
Software upgrades OTA
Reserved interface 1 switch off/on pad interface to extend other products
Main function Listen to the music(up and down, play/pause) Pick up the phone, tap function, support master switch, operate voice prompts

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