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COOMUSIC is a research and development enterprise with 20 years of smart wearables, the first watch MP3 development and production enterprise in China, the famous MP3 glasses manufacturer, the first watch mobile phone, the first children’s watch mobile phone research and development enterprise. The company has a very strong research and development strength of high-quality smart wearable products.
Wearing sunglasses and stuffing headphones is a common way to wear when we go out on the street. Headphones are used to listen to music, sunglasses are used to protect the eyes, which is also our traditional cognition, and for short-sighted partners can not be so cool. And if you tell you, take off the headphones, wear a pair of Bluetooth smart glasses is enough, it can protect the eyes like sunglasses, and can listen to songs like headphones, do you think it is cool?

Wearing Bluetooth smart glasses to listen to songs such a cool thing, in fact, has been realized by the audio industry big man coomusic. Its launch of A8 smart audio glasses, is to combine the functions of sunglasses and headphones into one, so that we can go out on the street to play without plugging headphones, just wear a pair of sunglasses is enough! The ADI audio configuration ensures high-quality music and is the greatest boon for lovers of high-quality music.

A8 Bluetooth smart glasses is another innovative work for life listening in coomusic audio products. Wearing it, passers-by can not see the difference between it and ordinary sunglasses from the appearance. Only when you take it off and look closely, you will find that Bose has cleverly hidden the micro speaker of the headset in the position of the spectacle leg and transmitted the sound into the ear at an accurate angle. This also achieves the effect that the ear does not wear anything, and only wears this pair of sunglasses to hear clear music sounds.

The advantage of listening to music with Bluetooth smart glasses is that while listening to music, you can also clearly hear the surrounding environment. So even if you communicate with others outdoors, you don’t have to take off your glasses or pause to play music. Thanks to COOMUSIC’s in-depth study of acoustics and open audio design, COOMUSIC Bluetooth smart glasses will not let the sound of the glasses overflow, basically will not disturb others, only they can immerse themselves in the music and the people next to them are unaware.

In addition to listening to music, COOMUSIC Bluetooth smart glasses built-in call microphone, not only to achieve the use of glasses to make phone calls, but also to send voice to the glasses to control the phone, such as check the weather, open navigation, etc., listening is a cool thing. And these functions only need a button to control, there is a physical button under the right temple, press it can control the sunglasses switch on, hook up the phone, broadcast stop music, turn on the voice and other operations, simple and convenient.

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