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Eyes forward with new Tuesi Eyewear smart bluetooth sunglasses

Tuesi Eyewear, a manufacturer of sensible glasses, has launched its printing operation of sports glasses that aim to fulfill the requirements of endurance athletes.

In an unharness, the corporate noted that the new sensible eyewear is… ‘Created for cyclists, runners, triathletes and alternative long-distance athletes, users will higher management their pace and manage their intensity by viewing period information displayed within the lenses whereas keeping their eyes on the road.

‘ Tuesi Eyewear’s industry-leading power management additionally provides up to twelve hours of use and mechanically adjusts the show brightness with dynamical lightweight conditions.’

The new shades square measure power-driven by ActiveLook technology, that integrates AMOLED microdisplays with high-definition optics to project the user’s performance information directly into their field-of-view. This can be achieved while not obstructing vision – even in low lightweight conditions.

“ Tuesi Eyewear could be a rare example of evilly trendy technology that elevates the athletic expertise and might facilitate to reinforce sport performance,” aforementioned CEO Eric Marcellin-Dibon.

“Its bold, refined style matches its unimaginable technology, thus athletes now not need to choose from fashion and performance. We’re pleased with the praise we’ve received from the technical school business, however we’re even a lot of happy by however sky-high athletes have versed this game-changing product.”

E Tuesi Eyewear pairs with bike computers, GPS watches, sensible phones and alternative Bluetooth-enabled devices to show the performance information most significant to the contestant. With  Tuesi Eyewear’s companion mobile app, users will personalise their viewing expertise and show details like pulse rate, time period, speed, power, distance and elevation.

Touchless operation permits users to wave their hand ahead of the lenses to toggle through completely different information displays whereas on the move.

“Over the course of my professional athletics career and currently coaching job athletes, I actually have tried a spread of technologies to trace and monitor performance,” aforementioned Simon Kessler, former skilled road bicycler and coach.

“Nothing has equal to what  Tuesi Eyewear has developed. I’m extraordinarily affected with the practicality offered by  Tuesi Eyewear’s new bluetooth glasses. The power to look at performance information in period while not wanting down isn’t solely economical, however additionally abundant safer than alternative technologies on the market.”

The Photochromic NXT lenses alter the show brightness with dynamical lightweight conditions, providing sharp vision and 100 percent ultraviolet protection. To boot, with ActiveLook technology users will monitor their efforts to urge the foremost from their coaching whereas not having to look down at a watch or alternative device.

The light-weight frames square measure impact resistant and created with a prime quality 3D print technology employing a polymer material. The versatile thermoplastic temples and nose piece square measure adjustable.  Tuesi offers a 100 percent match guarantee for a cushty, secure fit, alongside a transparent read of the user’s information.

Tuesi  Eyewear is giving its new sensible sports glasses for AN introductory US$397 MSRP and for a restricted time athletes receive a further US$60 saving with the code TrainWithEngo at tseyeglasses.com

Founded in metropolis, France,  Tuesi Eyewear could be a specialist in sensible glasses for a large vary of applications together with endurance sports, snow sports and alternative outside activities. Its ActiveLook microdisplay technology was recognized with AN Innovation Award at the buyer physical science Show in January 2021.

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