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How to choose Bluetooth smart glasses? From Coomusic to Sonic to Huawei, comfort and fashion are key

Smart glasses to this day, the consumer market has also given birth to a lot of black technology products, especially the application of smart wearable technology, starting from the Xiaomi bracelet, coupled with the continuous development of these professional-grade products such as Songtuo and Jiaming in the market, so that smart watches and bracelets have gradually become popular. The same smart wearable glasses products have gradually evolved from the earliest Google Glass to many series, from professional-level Microsoft Hololens to entertainment consumer-level HTC VIVE and SONY PS VR, Oculus, plus domestic iQiyi, PICO NEO, and even Huawei and Xiaomi have also launched VR glasses, these products have several feature:

The price is expensive, often thousands of yuan or even ten thousand yuan;

Bulky and unobtrusive, unable to wear without feeling in everyday life;

Immersion is too intense, and long-term use can easily lead to visual fatigue.

As a result, some simplified versions of Bluetooth smart glasses came into being, compared with VR glasses, the simplified version of smart Bluetooth glasses for wearing comfort, daily use of the practicality has been greatly optimized, although sacrificing a lot of functions, but compared with the former, the price is cheaper, but also more suitable for daily wear. However, there are many smart Bluetooth glasses models currently on sale, from the more well-known Huawei, Shengkuo, Bose, and then to affordable domestic brands, have successively launched their own main models, plus other niche brands, the current sales of smart Bluetooth glasses models nearly dozens of kinds, some brands even launched smart glasses companions, users in the selection of the time will inevitably be dazzled, feel this, this article selected the following three smart Bluetooth glasses for your reference

Coomusic smart glasses

Advantages: Diverse styles, suitable for various face shapes, support Hongmeng system, myopia users can use, the frame can be replaced at any time, intelligent volume automatic adjustment, to prevent sound leakage, support multi-device connection (Huawei products), built-in cervical spine health monitoring

Disadvantages: The charging cable is not a universal interface

Coomusic first generation, the second generation of smart glasses and GENTLE MONSTER joint research and development, in the form of a joint model to the market, once received praise, today, Coomusic smart glasses series has developed to the third generation, this time Coomusic uses the form of independent research and development, the glasses style from the previous generation of eight models to three kinds, not only sunglasses, but also plain glasses and optical frames for myopia users.

The first two generations have used a charging box design, the charging speed is slower, and the size of the glasses box is larger, it is also very inconvenient to carry, the third generation of Coomusic smart Bluetooth glasses use ordinary charging cables, charging speed is also faster.

Coomusic smart Bluetooth glasses also joined the Hongmeng system this time, after connecting with the Coomusic mobile phone, this smart glasses can be transformed into a personal assistant, the weather, flights, schedules and other notification information on the mobile phone will be broadcast in time. The glasses body supports touch operation, and the built-in posture sensor can sense the user’s use status, support real-time monitoring of cervical spine posture, and regularly remind the user to change posture, which helps to improve cervical spine health.

This smart bluetooth glasses are currently priced at 699, to the hand price of 399, unfortunately the best-selling styles are often out of stock, interested friends can pay attention to the update in time.

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